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Strengthening Manager Quality


Navigate with Foresight and Composure.

As a manager, navigating the complexity of tasks and requirements demands confidence and strategic foresight. Cultivating special skills and personal strength, along with fostering a motivating and trusting work environment for your team, is essential.

Gaining a fresh perspective and a bit of distance on these issues can further solidify your personal and professional approach.

The objectives of the counseling may include:

Clarification of your situation and role from different perspectives.

Identifying and defining your personal needs, interests and goals.

Developing, testing, and reflecting on various action strategies.

Coaching fuer Fuehrungskraefte.

Your Leadership Role: Personal Empowerment

I am here to support you if you aim to:

  • Want to communicate and act more authentically and sovereign.
  • Better recognize, develop, and transform your strengths and areas of change.
  • Know your areas of responsibility and influence better and be more aware of personal boundaries.
  • Overcome self-doubt and perfectionism, and foster a more appreciative and supportive work attitude.
  • Balance your professional and personal lives, and find it easier to unwind after work.
  • Incorporate relaxation and mindfulness strategies into your daily professional life.
  • Proactively establish strategies to manage stress.

Creating a Positive Working Atmosphere

I can also assist you in:

  • Recognizing and nurturing potential: leading in a resource-oriented manner, supporting young talent, and retaining experienced staff.
  • Establishing and enhancing appreciative working relationships, including a supportive culture for errors and feedback, and utilizing appraisal interviews effectively.
  • Fostering participation and motivation in new tasks and change processes, including digital transformation.
  • Delegate properly and communicate responsibilities clearly.
  • Implementing constructive complaint and conflict resolution management, such as defining communication channels, clarifying responsibilities, and making support systems transparent.
  • Resolve conflicts and critical situations solution-oriented and sovereign, e.g. misconduct, extended periods of sick leave, addictive behavior on the part of employees.
Coaching fuer Fuehrungskraefte.

Specialized Counseling Offer for School Administrators:

Your role as a school administrator encompasses a complex array of tasks, responsibilities, and expectations. Beyond daily challenges, you also face crisis situations that demand composure, professional dialogue, and specialized expertise.

I provide dedicated coaching for head teachers and school principals focusing on areas such as:

Crisis and Conflict Management

  • Constructively and actively managing conflicts among colleagues, between teachers and students, and within the student body.
  • Confidently and effectively conducting challenging conversations (with students, parents, and staff).
  • Increasing awareness of mental health issues among students and developing supportive strategies for addressing these.
  • Crafting effective strategies for crisis situations, including self-harm, endangerment, bereavement, psychological and physical violence, and substance abuse.
  • Establishing an internal school crisis team, encompassing role clarification, developing robust action strategies, networking with external support services, and providing follow-up care.
  • Practicing wise and calm decision-making during crises and reflecting on personal crisis management.

Proactively creating a safe and secure school environment

  • Fostering the development and implementation of shared values within the school community.
  • Embracing diversity as a valuable asset: promoting inclusive and diversity-sensitive thinking and actions.
  • Creating opportunities for participation and engagement within the school environment.
  • Establishing and transparently communicating preventive and intervention services for the benefit of the school community.

Note on Cost Reimbursement:

The costs associated with my counseling may be eligible for reimbursement through the State Office for Schools and Education. I encourage you to contact me for assistance in determining whether your costs can be covered and to discuss the process.

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