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In an initial consultation, we will get to know each other and take a closer look at your current situation. I will explore with you what challenges or stresses are currently affecting you the most and what you would like to change or achieve in the near and distant future. After this first impression, I will recommend a joint collaboration either in the field of psychological counseling, coaching or psychotherapy.

Coping With Mental Stress

Counseling, Coaching or Psychotherapy in situations of upheaval, crises and change processes - for those affected and their families.

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Teaching: Establishing Presence and Connection

Counseling and Coaching to teach with serenity and experience your everyday school life calmly.

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Strengthening Manager Quality

Counseling and Coaching to enhance your self-management and employee management. Specialized for school administrators.

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Empowering International Professionals

Counseling and Coaching to empbrace new horizons with confidence.

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Explore a range of helpful strategies to tackle psychological stress, including anxiety, interpersonal conflicts, inner unrest, and low moods. Beyond these, I’ll regularly share book recommendations and insightful interviews with professionals and acquaintances covering a variety of relevant topics. Stay tuned for valuable perspectives and solutions.