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Teaching: Establishing Presence And Connection

Counseling and Coaching

With Serenity Through Every Day School Life

My services are specifically designed for career starters and professionals who frequently encounter their limits and aspire to feel more at ease in their professional roles and daily work life. Whether you’re looking to strengthen, develop, or pivot in your career, I offer tailored support to meet your needs.

The objectives of the counseling can include:

Experience Appreciation and Empowerment

Gain clarity and define your personal needs and goals

Develop and plan strategic actions, experiment with them, and reflect on their outcomes

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Mental Strength As A Teacher:

Your everyday working life is very complex and often moves at a very fast pace. Many demands go far beyond just teaching. You can quickly find yourself in an imbalance between personal needs and professional demands.

Mental and physical exhaustion, sleep disorders, low mood, irritability, forgetfulness, lack of motivation or even strong self-doubt can be typical warning signs.

I would therefore like to strengthen you in your role and mental resilience and support you with the following issues:

  • Be calm in the classroom and find your personal teaching style
  • Understand relationships with colleagues and students better and shape them positively
  • Deal with conflicts more confidently and develop appropriate options for action
  • Overcoming self-doubt and perfectionism, appreciating yourself more and establishing a supportive work attitude
  • Be more aware of boundaries, communicate more clearly and accept them
  • Balancing work and private life and switching off more easily after work
  • Learn relaxation and mindfulness strategies and integrate them into your everyday (professional) life
  • Develop preventative strategies for stressful and critical times
  • Shaping professional reorientation wisely

Mental Strength In The Classroom:

In the classroom, you will encounter students with their own personal biographical relationship experiences and current needs, which leads to a variety of challenges in learning and teaching.

In order to gain a better understanding of relationship dynamics and create a safe learning environment, you will also be guided through the following topics:

  • Education on safe relationship building in the school context
  • Education about mental illness in students and developing strategies for your everyday school life
  • Actively and safely dealing with difficult situations in everyday school life, e.g. students with mental health issues, disruptions to lessons, psychological/physical violence and crisis situations
  • Gain confidence in talking about difficult topics to students and parents
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